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The life expiriences and explorations of the spirit depicted in two dimensional space... My academical background is in architecture and ceramics, I have been involved in arts and crafts since I was a child. When I was growing up my biggest dream was to be an artist. I find inspiration in nature, music and pick up ideas from everyday life, two colors side by side or the flow of the pattern. My paintings usually have gold and silver accents. The paintings are done in many layers, layers added, layers removed, until I am overall satisfied with composition and color scheme. All paintings come with certificate of authenticity. 



  • Laura's paintings, like Laura herself, are in tune with nature and her emotional surroundings which can follow seasonal patterns as well. As much as people are grounded in the rhythms of daily life there is a seasonal component that enters into the human domain and a cold winter wind can creep like frost almost into human interactions and relationships as well. Similarly there can be spring bursts of life and color and summer heat as well as fall and the turning of the leaves from green to red to brown. Sometimes relationships die and never come back to life.
    Lauras paintings are meditations on seasons, emotional states and fading or emergent energy shifts, dissonance and harmonies of people in her surroundings, in her life, and even the intrusion of world events.
    Laura has travelled the world and been a keen observer of natural energies in many locals. One wonders how much memories of past places, people and events enter in and color the present local and vista, how much is grounded in place as it is straight forward and frontal, how much is archetypal, mythical or how much is a subtle combination of everything at once.
    Viewers connect emotionally and memory wise to certain moods they discover in her work. For some viewers these paintings may be soft puzzles to solve or meditative breath spaces in time. The timeless nature of this important work is unforgettable and powerful yet measured and released softly, quietly passing by from one room to another or long soft gazes while sitting in a comfortable chair imperceptibly lured the mystery of these magical dreamy places. This work never fully resolves and remains unsolved over days and weeks and years. They become never ending stories of tales untold and undiscovered yet at the same time there is a quiet knowing that these magical powerful places are sacred ground and eternal in some way and were there long before humans walked the earth and may be there long after we too have returned to the stars as the stardust we always were meant to become. We are all travelers in time going from season to season and place to place. All of this tremendous unimaginable vastness is present in this work in a quiet way no can really ever forget."
    Written by Jay Clifford




















































































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